Photos from Hong Kong is a simple landing page that links to our travel photos, currently hosted on Flickr.

The most recent album is from our Hong Kong trip last month.

Of course, the real purpose of this post is to ensure I have more than one post in 2014. Done and done.

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titanium shackle
So shiny, you can count my fingers in the reflection. (Click pics to enlarge.)

The High Strength Titanium D-Shackle Kickstarter project by Allied Titanium recently invited backers to test out samples from their production run. Here’s my take on their 1/4″ shackle.


First, a quick summary of …

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Google has a long history of releasing services early in their life cycles. From the famous Gmail beta that lasted over five years to the services and extra features in Google Labs, almost everything they make is released to the public in an early state and then polished over time …

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Like most bloggers, I’d rather concentrate on content than administration. I don’t want to worry about handling user accounts or patching vulnerabilities in commenting systems. Disqus comes to the rescue, providing a commenting and feedback system that takes over these and other boring tasks. It’s even free …

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Managing Updates

In contrast to printed media, updates are easy to apply on the Web. This flexibility while liberating can be used for sleazy purposes, e.g. to hide mistakes.

Here’s how I’ll manage updates until I find a better system.

  • Deletions in posts will be marked up with <del …
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Flashlight Apps

Imagine for a second the perfect flashlight app1 for your smartphone. What features would it include? What would the instructions look like? Here’s how you’d use my dream app:

  1. Launch the app.

That’s it. To turn the light off, simply hit the physical home button to …

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Generally speaking, there are two kinds of things you can buy: products and services. Products like bicycles or coffee makers are often differentiated based on feature lists and tables of specifications. Services from plumbers to dentists are often described using more personal and subjective considerations.

As markets mature, product specs …

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