Another test. We’ll see if a commented keyword keeps twitterfeed from posting stuff.

Update: Ok, a commented keyword in the <description> of the RSS feed item works. Having that keyword appear in the <category> elements associated with the item does not work.

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Two New Features

Traffic to the site is now protected by SSL/TLS using a StartSSL certificate. Let me know if your browser complains.

Also, posts tagged with the word that means “not loud” should not be reposted on Twitter and Facebook. This post is a test of that functionality.

Update: Well the …

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People will not adopt a technical solution that serves to replace a manual task, if that solution is less efficient than the manual task it replaces.

Sean Cummings

People value simplicity and efficiency, but QR codes make it harder to get to information. Companies that plaster them all over tend …

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The area where most teams fail is insufficient polish. Cliff [Bleszinksi] always says there’s the first 90 percent of the project, and then the second 90 percent. Because once your game is completely playable and it works, you’re really only halfway. … It takes an incredible amount of tweaking …

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The Times of Our Lives

Time to sell out of WWDC tickets:

  • 2010: 192 hours
  • 2011: 12 hours
  • 2012: 2 hours

Time to sell 67 million units:

  • Mac: 24 years
  • iPod: 5 years
  • iPhone: 3 years
  • iPad: 2 years

Time for Apple to make $1400 net profit:

  • Q2‘10: 4 seconds
  • Q2‘11: 2 seconds …
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A fancy country code domain doesn’t do much if it’s just sitting there, and the Internet certainly needs more blogs, so here’s another one.

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