Managing Updates

In contrast to printed media, updates are easy to apply on the Web. This flexibility while liberating can be used for sleazy purposes, e.g. to hide mistakes.

Here’s how I’ll manage updates until I find a better system.

  • Deletions in posts will be marked up with <del> tags and hidden from view by default.
  • New and modified text in posts will be visibly identified with an Update: lozenge.
  • “Pages” like About are intended to be ever-changing, living documents so changes will not be noted individually. Instead, the last modified date will be shown under the title.
  • Minor corrections to spelling and grammar will not be noted.
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Another test. We’ll see if a commented keyword keeps twitterfeed from posting stuff.

Update: Ok, a commented keyword in the <description> of the RSS feed item works. Having that keyword appear in the <category> elements associated with the item does not work.

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Two New Features

Traffic to the site is now protected by SSL/TLS using a StartSSL certificate. Let me know if your browser complains.

Also, posts tagged with the word that means “not loud” should not be reposted on Twitter and Facebook. This post is a test of that functionality.

Update: Well the …

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