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I’m Mike, and I wrote the content here. I’m a geek, an engineer, a hippie, and a redneck. I wish I could include “artist” in that list, but my efforts from photography to graphic design have been paltry at best. Regardless, I care about user experience and design even though I’m not trained in those fields.

My history and interests led to the creation of this site. It chronicles my experiences and thoughts as I explore the world of design in a technological era.Some of the most amazing developments in history occurred when art and engineering combined. Artists use empathy and the understanding of people in their work, and engineers employ the understanding of science and technology. Cooperation between both camps allows for products and solutions that not only work, but are a joy to use. More information about me: my favorite things1 1: /pages/favorites

I’m not affiliated with or compensated by any company or product I talk about on this site. If there are any exceptions to that rule, I’ll make it clear on the relevant post itself.

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